Existentialism in Pantheon

I had an epiphany a few days ago: the graphic novel I am working on, Pantheon, is a vampire novel. I mean, it doesn’t obviously share with many traditional elements (blood sucking, undead creatures), but they both feature immortal beings that reflect on our humanity in many ways, and most importantly in an existential fashion. Continue reading Existentialism in Pantheon

Pantheon and Christ

I have been thinking about the best or most appropriate way to tackle the relationship between Christ and the gods of Pantheon, and recently I came across a potential approach in Sloterdijk’s “Cabinet of Cynics” chapter from Critique of Cynical Reason where he goes through the five embodiment of cynicism through history. The first suspect is none other than Diogenes, who embodied the low theory version in his decided opposition to the all-too serious discourse of Socrates & Plato. Kynicism was based on the animal nature of man, where the gestures of the body were framed as arguments (farting or shitting or whacking off in public). In other words Diogenes poked fun at his grave opponents, but instead of talking against such idealism, he lived in opposition in an anti-theoretical, anti-dogmatic and anti-scholastic way. Continue reading Pantheon and Christ

Religion of Immortals (Pantheon speculative fragments)

For the next volume in the Pantheon series, I will focus on an alien race that lives on the gas giant that orbits the star Arcturus. They acquire the Tree of Life from the Garden of Eden, which causes them to become immortal, as well as transform their entire world into a lush paradise in eternal bloom.

Tree of Life from Fountain

New religion of Immortals
Not only did the Tree of life turn the sentient species Arcturians (of the planet in the Arcturus system) into immortals, it also abolished individuality. A Christ-like figure was responsible for implanting the seed of the tree of life, and gave up his life, only to be resurrected. However, this did not turn him into the son of god, the messiah, for the tree of life actually turned the entire race into a Christ-like symbol. Continue reading Religion of Immortals (Pantheon speculative fragments)

Pantheon cover art colored!

Professional comic book colorist David Delanty took the time to color my artwork, and suffice to say, it blew away my expectations.


The wonderfully rich, intricate command of colors actually makes up for my amateur stuff in many ways: freckles, shirt stains, water reflection, moss growing on the limestone, serene sky, and more.

You can check out the rest of David’s stuff here at deviantart.com: Link

Pantheon chapter 3, page 1

Sporadically bursting forth, the floating city crowds maliciously, invading Kaeli’s perspective in a series of quasi-discrete snapshots that capture pastiches of reality, a continual flux – each contradicts the next, yet retain an underlying shimmer of dynamic energy… a chaosmos … the horizon of all horizons, the a priori of all a prioris, what Joyce called a cosmos “at the verge of chaos,” on the brink of an explosion towards non-existence, wavering on the razor’s edge of the abyss…