NFL week 8 picks

It’s that time of the week, and it’s high-time for some NFL picks courtesy of everybody’s favorite Heretic!  Last week I was 8-4, a step up from the embarrassment of the previous week. 38-20 isn’t too bad, though, but I expect at least 70%.

Game of the Week
Steelers @ Saints

The Steelers are now at full strength, with Roethlisberger back. The Saints, however, aren’t, with their running backs injured. Given last week’s horrible meltdown, Drew Brees should be extra motivated to bounce back, but the Steelers are the most complete team in the league right now. Steelers by 3

Mildly Interesting
Packers @ Jets

The well-rested Jets should be prepared for the Packers, who escaped last week with a win over Favre and the Vikings. The Packers seem to be on the rebound from their injuries, but the Jets are the class of the AFC. Jets by 4

Dolphins @ Bengals
Bengals are bungling their way through another season, despite their talent, and stand at 2-4. Perhaps they’re overrated, but now is a great time to reverse their fortunes. Miami is a solid team, though, so I can’t go against them. Pick ‘m.

Titans @ Chargers
Chargers are starting even slower this year than usual, at 2-5. Normally they’ll turn it around, but the ferocious Titans isn’t the team to be facing in a moment of self-crisis. Titans by 10

Vikings @ Pats
Patriots seem like their old super bowl selves ever since they got rid of Moss. Instead of 50 yard bombs, Brady is spreading the ball around, and clutch receivers like Troy Brown are making plays. The Vikings were one toe away from stealing a win in Green Bay last week, but it seems like Favre is now down to 1 good ankle. He may be playing, but he needs two good ones to fully plant his feet for at least a couple of shots downfield to Moss in order to steal this game. Patriots by 7

Texans @ Colts
Colts haven’t forgotten that ass-whupping from week 1 from the Texans, and they must have revenge on their minds. Good thing this game is at the RCA Dome, where most teams go to die slowly as Manning mercilessly pick them apart. The tables have turned from week 1: Texans have lost much of their luster from September, and the Colts seem to be rounding in form (despite injury to Manning’s clutch guy, Clark). Colts by 10

For Die-hards only
Bill @ Chiefs

Fitzpatrick proved that the Bills could score on anyone, after dropping 31 point on the supposedly stout Ravens D last week. But KC has the edge at almost every position, and they’re home. KC by 10.

Panthers @ Rams
The Rams are solid (shockingly) and they must prove it against bottom-feeders like the Panthers. Bradford and Jackson will be too much for the Panthers to slowdown. Rams by 10

Broncos @ 49ers
QB Smith is out for a couple of weeks, so the niners turn to a rookie QB in Troy Smith. They’re facing a team that got thoroughly embarrassed last week (59 point pasting by the Raiders) so the Broncos are looking for someone to take out their frustrations. Broncos by 4

Bucs @ Cards
Bucs are depleted at running back, but they have enough talent elsewhere. Cards are going nowhere fast. Bucs by 4

Seahawks @ Raiders
Perhaps last week wasn’t a fluke. Perhaps the Raiders are now officially awake, and ready to wreak havoc. Perhaps the Hawks will stop them. Perhaps not. Raiders by 3

Find a new Hobby
Jaguars @ Cowboys

Being w/o Romo isn’t the worst thing, especially when your backup is no slouch in Kitna. As the best 1-5 team in NFL the Cowboys can put off further embarrassment with a win over the hapless Jaguars. Boys by 7

Skins @ Lions
The lions can score on anyone, but the Skins are steadily improving every week. Skins by 9

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