NFL week 10 picks

At least 4 games are worth watching this week. I was 6-6 last week, which brings my total to a grand 51 to 31. After suffering through an upset-filled weekend, I’m ready to restore order and see the contenders separate themselves from the chaff.
Game of the games of the week
Patriots @ Steelers

They’re the two top teams in the NFL, and the result will determine the rest of the season. Patriots are consistent with Brady and their #2 scoring offense. Pittsburg is stingy on pass defense so it’ll be exciting. Steelers are actually #1 in offense and #1 in rushing yards allowed. Steelers by 6 

Games of the week
Ravens @ Falcons

The clash of avians!  Both teams are leading their divisions, but they must keep winning to keep the competition at bay (Steelers for Ravens and Bucs, Saints for the Falcons). Baltimore has offensive firepower, but their defense is finally rounding in form, 9th in passing allowed & 6th in points allowed. Falcons are also balanced on offense with Roddy White & Turner to help QB Ryan carry the responsibility. However, their defense is vulnerable to the pass, and that’s why i see Flacco will take advantage. The Ravens pulling out a 3 point win.

Titans @ Dolphins
Two inconsistently consistently good teams. WR Moss debuts with his 3rd team this year with the Titans, and he will be catching 70 yard bombs from QB Young’s powerful arm.  They’re already #1 in the league in scoring. The Dolphins’ defense is sturdy, and they still have the unstoppable WR in Marshall. But the Dolphins are at home unfortunately, where they haven’t won this year. Titans by 9

Eagles @ Washington

Huge NFC showdown, & Eagles must prove they’re for real. Skins need to get over the embarrassment of 2 weeks ago. QB Vick has replaced McNabb in the hearts of Eagles’ fans. although he’s improved as a passer, Vick is still a dangerous runner that forces defenses to waste a defender to spy on him. He’s going to take advantage of a horrible Redskins pass defense. McNabb will come out on fire, after having his credibility quesitoned for 2 weeks. this is a hall of fame QB who must prove beyond all doubt that his coach was wrong, that he still has it, that he is not a washed-up has-been at age 34. But McNabb can’t do it alone. Eagles by 10

For diehards only
Bengals @ Colts

The bengals have nothing to play for, except a longshot at the playoffs. Colts fell last week to the Eagles, and they must keep up with the Titans and stay in front of the Jags and the Texans. Their southeast division is the most competitive in the AFC. Bengals may be 2-5, but they’ve lost by an average of 4 points per game. at 37 years old, TO has discovered the fountain of youth. The Colts on the other hand are back home and no matter who’s suited up for them, Manning will force them to win, even if you and I were in the line up. Colts by 10

Jets @ Browns
jets must redeem themselves after two shitty weeks in a row. The Browns have upset 3 top teams in the past 4 weeks, so there’s no reason to doubt them any more. On defense the Jets have enough to stop the Browns, and on offense, they can explode. The Browns are lucky they stole Peyton Hillis from the Broncos for peanuts. Now this “albino rhino” has the Browns giddy about their chances every week. I’m still going with the jets by 7, though. Rex Ryan probably has had enough.

Vikings @ Bears
both teams are right behind the Packers for NFC North, so this is their Game of the Year. Peterson is possessed these days, and he will carry the team this weekend, after Favre’s 446 yard explosion last week. The Bears are capable of slowing down Peterson as well as anybody. But i no longer have any faith in their QB, Jay Cutler. He’s regressed to his bad habits: hanging on the ball too long, throwing it up for grabs, taking sacks at the red zone. Vikings by 10

Texans @ Jags

This is their Game of the Year, since both teams are right behind the Colts & Titans. Houston’s offense is totally loaded with RB Foster and WR Johnson, and the Jags have no chance of slowing them down. The Jags are on a roll behind QB Garrard, and he’ll pick the inferior Texans’ secondary apart easily. But i think the Texans’ offense is even more explosive, & the Jags’ defense is 30th in the league, so they’ll steal this one. Texans by 11

Chiefs @ Broncos
The chiefs are gonna battle with the raiders & the chargers the rest of the year, so every week is a must-win. The Broncos are scraping the bottom of the barrell of their division. Cassel has been reliable this year so far, and he has 2 great RBs in Jones & Charles who can chew up the clock and keep the Broncos’ offense stuck on the bench. Chiefs are weak on D, on pass D in particular, and the Broncos are pass-happy. But this won’t make much of a difference. KC by 10.

Take a nap
Lions @ Bills

Lions are all but eliminated from the playoffs, but they’re playing well enough to be anybody’s spoiler. The Bills on the other hand, are just playing out the string. The Lions’ fragile QB Stafford may not go, but they will still score regardless. The Bills have nobody to slow down Calvin Johnson anyway. The Bills may not have won a game but they play hard, and they’ve been in every game. I’ll go with them this week. Bills by 7

Panthers @ Bucs
Coach Fox’s job security is gone, so the team is playing for respect, if nothing else. Bucs have to win to keep up with the Saints & the Falcons. Even though the Panthers have injuries to their RBs, the Bucs’ run defense is horrible: 147 yards per game allowed. Bucs have the better QB in Freeman, and he’s developing chemistry with WR Mike Williams. Buccaneers by 14.

Rams @ 49ers
Rams are the most surprising team this year. The 49ers are looking to turn around their season after a horrible 0-5 start. Rams QB Bradford is on his way to a great career, and their team has jelled on defense, giving up a measly 17.6 ppg. 49ers hope their QB Troy Smith can bring them back in the 2nd half of the season, but those hopes are fleeting. Rams by 14.

Hawks @ Cards
They still have a shot at the playoffs cuz their division is so shitty. The Seahawks still stink, especially at QB. Cards have been tough versus better teams, and they’ll crush the fast fading Hawks. Cards by 13

Cowboys @ Giants
Giants are the best team in the NFC right now, and they’ll take full advantage of the shattered Cowboys. Perhaps the new coach Garrett can motivate his team to an upset victory, but the Giants have the #1 defense and #4 offense in the league. Giants by 21

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