NFL week 11 picks

Now this season is finally turning interesting, after the schizoid, unpredictable roller-coaster of the 1st half. But my picks are taking a turn for the worse: 5-9 last week. 56-40 on the year. Tsk.

Game of the week
Giants@ Eagles
Both teams are tied for 1st place. Eagles completely destroyed the Redskins last night, and Vick is now the clear frontrunner for the MVP. Someone is controlling him in Madden football in real life! Eagles’ secondary is opportunistic, and they can snooker Eli Manning into errant throws. If they do, the game wont’ be close. The Giants are still stumbling about in a daze after last week’s buttkicking from the Cowboys. However, prior to that, they were a much more solid team and their pass rush is entirely capable of slowing down Vick. Their offense is explosive with RB Bradshaw and WR Nicks. If Manning doesn’t throw picks, Giants can keep this close. I shouldn’t pick against the Eagles, since they’re undefeated with Vick, but nothing is guaranteed this year. Giants by 1.

Colts @ Pats
The annual “Game of the year.” Pats are on a roll, despite a hiccup vs the Browns, and their D shut down the Steelers last week. Colts have historically had problems at Foxboro, and Brady is entirely capable of shredding the Colts’ D to confetti. expect Unsung RB Green-Ellis to feast on the Colts’ soft run D via playaction plays. Colts, OTOH, are still potent on offense, despite all their injuries. It’s due to the immortal Manning and his trusty sidekick, WR Wayne. Pats’ D isn’t anything to write home about so far, and Colts will not hold back. Normally i’d go with the Pats in this situation, but this time, i feel Manning is on a mission this year. Colts 34, Pats 31

Bears @ Dolphins

Both are fresh off tough wins. But dolphins have grave problems at QB (both chads are injured), so their odds for winning just took a dive off the Sears Tower. The Bears’ offense is back on track, and Culter still can throw bombs. The Dolphins’ secondary cannot keep up with the Bears’ WR. Howebver, the fish are resilient and they keep the score close. The Bears often let the other team hang around, and if that happens, the Dolphins will steal it. But I don’t think Thigpen, the 3rd string QB will be enough. Bears by 7

Skins @ Titans
Both teams MUST win to keep apace with their division leaders. They both fell flat on their faces last week, and now they’ve got a chance to redeem themselves with a solid win. Skins’ pass rush is fierce, and will take advantage of a poorly performing Titans passing attack. If McNabb & Tourain can find their rhythm, then they’ll control the game. OTOH, the Skins’ defense has been consistently crappy all year long, and the Titans’ defense can embarrass the Skins’ offense. RB Chris Johnson is even more formidable at home, and will run hog-wild allover, grinding the Skins’ D to the ground. Titans by 10

Raiders @ Steelers
Both teams are tied in 1st place in their divisions, Oakland being the hotter team of the two. But Pittsburg is the superior team, and there’s no way the Raiders can contain the Terrible Towel’s offense. They have too many weapons in RB Mendenhall, strong WR corps and stubborn QB in Rothsliberger. Pitt will come out angry, after being humiliated by the Pats last week. Raiders are a completely new team, and could have a shot if RB McFadden controls the clock. But their run ends here. Pitt by 12

If nothing else is on
Packers @ Vikings

Packers seem to be rounding into form, and the Vikings seem to be on their way out. The Vikings still have a shot at beating the Pack: they’re at home, Favre factor, and properly motivated, they can beat anyone. Peterson can slow the game down, and Vikes’ defense can control the Pack’s passing attack. But the Pack has been very dominant in their past 3 games, and QB Rodgers has found a rhythm. It may not even be close. Packers by 13

Texans @ Jets
Both are still in the running for the playoffs, but Jets are in 1st place while the Texans are on the verge of being eliminated. Jets have the luck of the irish (escaped Lions & browns by the skin of their teeth) while the Texans’ D has failed them 3 times already. Jets should take advantage of the horrible Texans’ D, and the fact that their offense has fallen back to the pack. Texans, however, can still score, and the Jets’ pass D isn’t as great as it was last year. The magic finally runs out for the jets in this Upset pick: Texans by 4

Falcons @ Rams
Division leaders. Atlanta is by far the more talented team, with stone cold efficient QB Ryan and stubborn D. Rams don’t have enough on D to slow down WR White, and won’t be able to stop them at all. But the Rams are at home, where they’re actually decent (4-1). they have enough weapons to keep the score close, and RB Jackson is rejuvenated. Falcons prevail by 3

Seahawks @ Saints
Saints aren’t their charmed Super Bowl selves of last year, but they’re still one of the top teams in the league. Yet they are 2nd in the NFC south to the Falcons, and need to win out to qualify for a wild card at least. Seahawks have looked crappy all year long on the road. If QB Hasselbeck is healthy and ready to go, he can pull off an upset, and their pass rush can force Brees into interceptions. Saints will score easily and often on the Seahawks’ inferior defense. Saints by 11

Walk the dog
Bills @ Bengals

The Bills finally got a win over the Lions, and their offense is rolling under QB Fitzpatrick. The Bengals on the other hand are headed in the opposite direction. However, the Bengals are still the more talented team and their offense is still explosive. Their defense, when motivated properly can shut down teams. And the Bengals are at home. Bengals by 6

Detroit @ Dallas
If the cowboys keep up their play from last week, then nobody in the league can stop them. Dez Bryant is breaking out every time he touches the ball. However the Lions aren’t pussycats of the past. For example, QB Shaun Hill and WR Calvin Johnson are an extremely potent duo. Detroit has many weapons, but I feel the Cowboys have lifted their fog for good under the new coach Garrett. Cowboys by 7

Cards @ Chiefs
believe it or not, both are still in the thick of things. But the Chiefs are the better team by every position, and they’re home, making them twice as tough. Cards have a strong armed QB in Anderson and WR Fitzgerald can dominate the game by himself. But won’t be enough: KC takes this by 10

Ravens @ Panthers
Panthers are just playing out the string, tho they could play spoiler, & Ravens are still tied with Pittsburgh for AFC North. Ravens will take complete advantage of the horrible Panthers D, and completely eat their offense alive. QB Clausen won’t remember his name after the game. Even if he tries to play hero, Ed Reed will track his passes and run back a couple to the house. Ravens by 10

Browns @ Jags
Jags are surprising everyone, with a game out of 1st. Browns are right there, 2 games back. Jags should turn this game into a shootout, and they have the superior skill players in QB Garrard and RB Jones Drew. Browns are solid on D, and their offense will be methodical with RB Hillis. I like the browns by 3.

Bucs @ 49ers
49ers are a longshot for the playoffs, while the Bucs need to stay apace with the Saints & the Falcons. 49ers are finally rounding into form after an 8 game long dirt-nap. Bucs can’t slow down solid offenses, and the 49ers are on the verge of being one. Bucs are led by a great rookie QB in Freeman, and have the confidence to derail the 49ers momentum. but i think 49ers, led by RB Gore, will keep on rolling. 49ers by 7

Broncos @ Chargers
Broncos are explosive, as shown last week over the Chiefs. Orton can riddle the Charger D with holes, but Chargers are the much better team, no question. Rivers will continue his assault on the record books, and TE gates is back. Chargers’ D is solid and since the Broncos are weak away from Mile High, they have no shot. Chargers by 10

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