NFL week 12

Last weekend restored balance to the NFL. Yes, I finished over .500 with 9-6 and that brings the total to 65-46.
Thursday games
Patriots @ Lions

NFL should get rid of tradition and slot “game of the week” here instead of forcing the Lions to play on thanksgiving. And they’ll get embarrassed by halftime. Patriots all the way, by 10.

Saints @ Cowboys
Naturally I would pick the superior team here, but I think the Cowboys have finally exorcised their demons. Thus they’ll beat the Saints for the second year in a row. Cowboys by 4

Bengals @ Jets
Bengals have officially given up, after going belly-up last week vs the Bills. Rex Ryan won’t let the Jets fumble this easy win away. Jets by 12

Game(s) of the Week
Packers @ Falcons

The packers are the latest chic NFC pick for the Super Bowl. However, they’re facing a team that’s nigh invincible at home in the Falcons. The Packers are the better passing team, while the Falcons are superior at running. Have to go with Matt Ryan’s 18-1 record at home. Falcons by 3

Eagles @ Bears
A match-up between two 7-3 teams should automatically qualify for “game of the week” honors, but I fear the game will be a huge letdown for the following reasons: Chicago has a good defense, but they’re facing the ultimate wild-card in QB Vick. In the past 3 weeks alone, he has scored 9 touchdowns and zero picks. He should remind old Bears fans of their worst nightmare, Randall Cunningham. On top of that, the Bears have a moribund offense, and vs the Eagles they’re facing a defense that’s just as good as their own. Eagles by 9

Die-hard/hardcore fans/fantasy owners only
Jags @ Giants

Manning needs a serious bounce back from his face-plant on national TV last week vs the Eagles (3 picks, dumb fumble, QB rating in the low 50s). The surprising Jags shouldn’t be so surprising anymore, not with the high-powered offense of Garrard & RB Jones-Drew. But they’re playing in the cold, against that wind, vs a strong defensive front? Giants by 4

Vikings @ Redskins
Normally I’d go with the Skins, but Coach Shanahan has been almost as bad as the former Vikings Coach, Chilly (mishandled Haynesworth in training camp, benched McNabb for dubious reasons). They escaped last week’s game vs the Titans with a win, only because the Titans imploded. The Vikings promoted their defensive coordinator, Leslie, but the season is over for them. When the 2 minute warning hits, both QBs McNabb & Favre should meet at midfield to flip a coin to see who blows the game. Pick

Dolphins @ Raiders
Both teams are still licking their wounds after last week’s beatings. Despite being tough road warriors, Miami no longer has a decent QB, (both chads are out) and the Raiders, being the healthier team, are more than likely to bounce back from last week’s horror show. Raiders by 6

Bucs @ Ravens
Both teams are in a dogfight with their divisional rivals. Baltimore hasn’t lost at home, and the Bucs are 4-1 on the road. But I can’t pick the rookie QB on the road this late in the season. Ravens by 6

Chargers @ Colts
Colts are fading with 2 losses in their last 3, and the Chargers are repeating their old “slow start, fast finish” trick with 3 wins in a row. Colts usually perform better at home, but the Chargers have that look, with Rivers having a career year. Chargers by 6

Check for leftovers

Steelers @ Bills

Bills are riding a 2 game winning streak, but they’re facing the Steelers who should be spitting mad after the worst officiated team in NFL history last week. Steelers are no longer at full strength (injuries) but they have enough to send the Bills on a brand new losing streak. Steelers by 7

Panthers @ Browns
Although neither are talented, it’s a match-up between the worst coached team in the league & the most stubborn team in the league. Always go with the stubborn. Browns by 8

Titans @ Texans
QB Young and Coach Fisher had a very public meltdown last week after the game. Now the Titans are going with their 3rd string QB. It doesn’t look good for the Titans as they watch their season being flushed down the toilet. Texans take advantage. Texans by 9

Chiefs @ Hawks
KC has a stout running game with RB Jones & Charles (164.7 yards per game). But they’re going on the road, away from the comfy Arrowhead, vs a tough place in the Seahawks. Then again, the Hawks have been unable to score recently. Chiefs by 3

Rams @ broncos
The Rams have been a pleasant surprise with the emergence of QB Bradford, while the Broncos have been a classic disappointment (losers of 5 of last 6) as a passing team that never runs the ball. Their homefield advantage at Mile High means nothing these days. one-dimensional teams are easily exposed in the NFL. Rams by 7

49ers @ Cards
Both teams stink to high heaven. Pick at your own peril.

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