NFL week 13 picks

I went 11-3 last weekend, my best this year so far. That brings me back over 60%. We have plenty of rematches in week 13, and that will separate the contenders from the pretenders as this crazy season finally winds down.

Games of the week
Steelers @ Ravens

Steelers are #1 against the run, which should slow down RB Rice. Plus the Steelers’ running game has been very potent recently, and RB Mendenhall can chew up the clock. Ravens aren’t a 1 dimensional running team, and will exploit the Steelers’ suspect pass defense. QB Brady shredded them to confetti, so QB Flacco may repeat the trick. Ravens by 1

Jets @ Pats
QB Sanchez exploited the Pats’ secondary the last time. Now he has a brand new and far more dangerous weapon in WR Holmes, and there’s no way the Pats can stop that combo. But the Pats have won 25 in a row at home. Plus they have a strong WR corps and RB platoon helping Brady. Jets haven’t been world beaters lately with too-close for comfort wins over pasties in Browns, Lions, Texans the past month. Pats by 3

Bonima Game of the week
Skins @ Giants

Giants D have been inconsistent all year: Cowboys took advantage with their passing game, and the Jags, with their running game. Skins may pull it off with both. However, the Giants still have a balanced attack (run or throw effectively, and stop offenses, if on occasion). They must take advantage of the Skins’ weak secondary. Giants by 10

Bears @ Lions
QB Cutler finally woke up last week and destroyed the Eagles’ D with 4 TDs. The Lions must be crapping in the bed, especially when the Bears’ D isn’t friendly to offenses. The Lions are at home, however, and they’ve been stronger there this year. DT Suh could terrorize Cutler and make his feet dance and force him into errant throws. But the Bears are too balanced to force Cutler to win the game by himself. Bears by 13

If it’s on TV
Falcons @ Bucs

Falcons are a great running team and the Bucs have trouble stopping the run. QB Ryan and WR White’s accurate connection will stretch the Bucs’ defense so they can’t even clog the box with 8 man fronts. The Bucs’ young players are unusually poised (Freeman, Williams, Blount) and their WR corps already exceeded all expectations. But the Falcons are on a mission this year. Falcons by 4

Texans @ Eagles

Surprise, surprise. The texans D actually showed up last week. Doesn’t matter that they were facing a no-name QB in Rusty Smith. As long the Texans D make a second cameo, they can compete vs the Eagles. However, Philly is at home this week, and they have too many playmakers on offense. Vick will have a field day with the laughingstock they have at cornerbacks. Eagles by 10
Go see Harry Potter
Browns @ Dolphins

RB Peyton Hillis has been the biggest surprise this year. Unstoppable so far, he will continue to run over the Dolphins and turn them into tuna food. But Delhomme is their QB so there’s a chance he will throw  a couple of TAINTs. Dolphins are a shadow of their former selves (no chads) so i don’t see them pulling this off. Browns by 3, despite Delhomme’s best efforts.

Jaguars @ Titans
Garrard has been on a tear lately, but fell apart vs the Giants last week. But they had RB Jones Drew and Jennings to carry him with 160 yards combined. Titans have nobody at QB but they still can run the ball and stop the run. If they get RB Johnson on track, and stop the Jaguars, they’ll win. I don’t think they will. Jags by 7

Saints @ Bengals
On a 4 game win streak, the Saints have rediscovered their passing game, and they should feast off QB Palmer’s interceptions. However, the Saints have gagged twice vs inferior teams this year (Cards, Browns), and Palmer might unleash WR Owens. But not this time. Saints by 12

Broncos @ Chiefs
Broncos completely exploded against the Chiefs a couple of weeks ago coz they have a high powered offense behind QB Orton, WR Lloyd, and they might repeat their trick. Chiefs have a hot player in WR Bowe themselves, which loosened defenses for RB Jamaal Charles. Back at home, the Chiefs exact revenge with a 14 pt win.

49ers @ packers
SF finally went with a different QB Smith than Alex and it’s worked so far (3-1). They’re still alive in the playoffs, surprise, surprise. Packers are shrugging off injuries and QB Rodgers is annihilating defenses week by week. Now that the 49ers lost their #1 offensive player in RB Gore, they won’t be in the game after the 1st quarter. Packers by 16

Raiders @ Chargers
Raiders already beat the Chargers earlier this year, and they can win even without stability at QB. If the Raiders can pull it off again, the Chargers will crumble. But it’s December, and that means another Chargers mad-dash for the playoffs. They’ve never lost in December under Turner or QB Rivers, who’s the latest frontrunner of this year’s MVP. Chargers by 10

Cowboys @ Colts
The Cowboys are rejuvenated under new coach Garret, and they have a decent offense, even with backup QB Kitna at the controls. Cowobys can score on anyone – and WR Bryant is on the verge of becoming a superstar. Colts on the other hand, are coming off the worst loss in Manning’s career. Will he be fired up for this game? His team’s season is on the line every week. But the Colts ahve been seriously decimated by injuries, though Manning often finds a way to steal wins. Colts by 3

Rams @ Cards
QB Bradford doesn’t have much talent to work with but he’s still productive, even tho he’s a rookie. However, their defense is stout and often overlooked. Cards have a shot only because they arleady beat the Rams earlier this year. But they had a competent QB at the time. Rams by 14

Toilet Bowl games of the week
Bills @ Vikings

Bills are competitive every week, despite their inferior talent, and have managed to stay close to the top teams in the AFC. The Vikings may be their easiest chance at a win this year. As for the Vikings, they more than likely won’t have AP available (ankle injury) but they seem resurrected with the new coach, Frazier. But i’m going with the Bills this week. Bills by 5

Panthers @ SeaHawks
Panthers will run the ball, cu they have a shitty QB in Clausen. But they can’t stop the run (last week, RB Charles gained 170 plus yards). Hawks have been weak recently, but they can score, and they have a great homefield advantage. Pick

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