NFL week 16 picks

I finished 9-6 in week 15. Totaling at 100 to 65. A marginally better weekend than the previous, but hey, I broke .500 at least. The closer the playoffs get here, the more meaningful each game gets, and the better the play gets. Can’t ask for anything more – except a magical remote that fast forwards all those leftover games even the hardcore fans wisely skip.

Game of the week
Saints @ Falcons

Too bad the Saints lost last week, or otherwise this game would be much more meaningful. The Falcons have nothing to play for in this game, other than bragging rights of sweeping the Saints after beating them earlier this year. The Saints will bring it, but Matt Ryan doesn’t lose at home. Falcons by 3

Pre-playoff games
Jets @ Bears

Both teams have hit that inconsistent phase, so it’s hard to gauge how good they really are. QB Sanchez has a lot of room to grow, (name me a quarterback who lucks out on more dropped interceptions) and the Bears’ offense is still not super bowl caliber. The Jets are the more desperate team here, but this game is on Soldier Field. Can’t trust the shakey Sanchez vs that ferocious Bears pass rush. Bears by 3

Colts @ Raiders
Should be very interesting how QB Manning deals with the Raiders’ stubborn pass defense, and whether their weak run defense can really slow down the surging RB McFadden. The Colts stumbled a bit a month ago, but after two solid weeks they seem to have rediscovered their mojo. Colts by 7

Giants @ Packers
Mea culpa. I was wrong. I severely underestimated QB Flynn. He nearly upset the mighty Patriots last sunday night, and would have if it wasn’t for a couple of hiccups in the two minute drill. The Packers will be good regardless of who starts at QB. But you gotta look askance at the Giants who completely blew a 21 point lead over the Eagles. However, they’re still elite on defense versus the pass, and the Packers have absolutely no ground game to speak of. Packers by 1

Bullying the weak sisters
Panthers @ Steelers

Jumpin’ Jesus Christ. The Panthers are still around? After a too little, too late loss to the desperate Jets, the Steelers must figure out how to play without their star safety, Troy Polamalu. They must be on their knees thanking the schedule gods for tossing them a cakewalk this late in the year. Panthers will be little more than a blood sacrifice tied atop the altar of six super bowl trophies. Steelers by 13

Patriots @ Bills
Don’t laugh. The Bills did drop 30 points on this very same team way back in week 3, and the Patriots barely won. But that was then… and this is now. And Belichick will have done his homework on QB Fitzpatrick. The Bills will not be underestimated this time. So, expect a typical blowout. Patriots by 24

Titans @ Chiefs
All signs point to a KC Chiefs victory, but the Titans woke up last week from a deep stupor. QB Cassel is back from his surgery, and that will allow the fleet RB corps room between the tackles. The Titans seemed to realize that they should feed RB Johnson and WR Britt the ball. That makes them dangerous, but KC knows it has no margin for error (two divisional rivals breathing down its neck). That they are at home seals the pick. KC by 7

Skins vs Jaguars
The unstoppable Grossman nearly upset the Cowboys, but on his final drive, he regressed to his normal self and threw an easy pick. The Jaguars lost a tough one last week vs the Colts, and are still in the thick of things. Their RB, Jones Drew, will trample all over the Skins’ weak run defense. Jags by 7

Ravens @ Browns
Browns are horribly mediocre, and their QB McCoy has no weapons, no decent line blocking for him and no brains on the sidelines calling the plays. The Ravens are not going to take them lightly, and after last week’s tough victory over the Saints, they regained some of their swagger. Ravens by 10

Chargers @ Bengals
Chargers cannot afford to blow this game, and they’re lucky they are facing a team DOA in the Bengals. Chargers by 20

Vikings @ Eagles
The Michael Vick Eagles are too potent for a self-destructing team. Eagles by 21

Circle-jerk sessions
Dallas @ Cardinals

Cowboys escaped last week with a 3 point victory, relieved that they stole one from the unstoppable Rex Grossman. What? He brought them back from 24 points down! Regardless of the game, under interim coach Garrett the Cowboys are for real. Too bad this happened about a month too late into the year. As for the Cards? They’re not even in a rebuilding phase. They’re at rock bottom without any prospects, besides a disgruntled WR Fitzgerald. Cowboys by 21

Lions @ Dolphins
Boring game, and I like the Lions’ potential plus the Dolphins are powerless at home. Lions by 7

49ers @ Rams
Two weak sisters from the weak sister division? Give me the home team with the better QB. Rams by 1

Texans @ Broncos

Both teams afflicted with a high powered offense and zero defense? High scoring shootout, and give it to the veteran QB Schaub over the rookie Tebow. Texans 51, Broncos 45

Seahawks @ Buccaneers
You know, the team from the weak sister division? The one Carroll coaches for? Yeah, that one. They suck. Bucs by 20

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