Grafitti is a Crime stencil painting by Banksy

The most famous artist of this age, Banksy is a conceptual street artist whose work has ranged from walls to satirical amusement parks.

Such works have appeared allover the world: America, Australia, Canada, France, Israel, Jamaica, Palestine, and of course, England. Their work is highly visible and entirely accessible, allowing them to reach large audiences.
Broom Rat, Louisana, United States, by Banksy

Their work rely on reference to traditions and authority that is built like a joke. The essence of their art is sarcasm, the highest form of wit. Often defined as the use of irony to convey contempt, it has flattened out towards a sarcastic attitude, or the perspective of the initiated few, is already the dominant aesthetic of our times. Sarcasm is our modern kitsch – a formulaic sarcasm that is industrially produced by digital media, but this mechanical application does not encourage deeper truths – no insight rises irony high enough to the level of satire. Mockery in solidarity with an elect few that contempt is the only judgment.

Banksy presents conventional wisdom in his work as insights – a premise where our cultural production complains how awful everything is. As an opportunistic court-jester, Banksy has successfully made their own cynicism the subject of their art.

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