Gallery debut show

Last friday night, January 14th, I had ten of my graphic novel pages exhibited at Gallery Godo in Glendale. The reception went above and beyond my expectations. My family was bursting with pride and joy, and many friends and people from the community attended. The other artists were equally talented in different media. The graphic novel pages were appropriately placed in a row in the hall between the rooms. The narrow hall actually forces the viewer to step closer to observe the intricate detailed work. However, that meant my adoring crowd couldn’t really cluster around the artwork and chat! So many showed up that made others think it was a deaf night or something. Pictures after the jump:

A battery of questions
Mi familia
I came, I saw, I drew
Extreme close-up
My sisters Seble, Zaid, and Rez (left to right)
I did it!
Stiff competition from Bobko


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    1. Damn straight! I was anxious about a number of things: how the curator would hang the frames, the location, the quality of other artwork, and the general reception of the public and the deaf community. I couldn’t have written a better night.

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