Pantheon update: chapter 3 page 6

I’ve been slow in updating this blog with my artwork recently but this (filtered with instagram) should tide you over until I finish a couple of projects. In this page Thoth is introducing the city of Gods to the warrior goddess, and then Lakshmi makes her presence known. Click this for an unfiltered version.


Lakshmi debuts!

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...a philosophisticator who utters heresies, thinks theothanatologically and draws like Kirby on steroids.

4 thoughts on “Pantheon update: chapter 3 page 6”

  1. This is amazing work, Awet, it totally blew me away. Though I have to wonder how this artwork is going to translate into a comic strip given that there are no lines, or do you have it divided already?

    By the way, I admire your works so I've added you to my blogroll. It'd be great if we could exchange blog links.

    1. Thanks, Tomphile. There are no lines (as in lines that borders panels) because I haven't added them through Photoshop.Also, thank u for adding my blog! I'll be happy to do the same for yours.

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