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Finally got back to the show – that’s how hectic my life has gotten. Watched episodes 3-5 Monday, then 6 to 8 on Thursday and 9 & 10 today. At first, after episode 1, I went ahead to re-read Game of Thrones because I didn’t really remember the detail or the lesser characters or smaller plot points. Then I watched the 2nd episode and fell in the same rut as the rest of you did: comparing and complaining. I realized that I was doing the show a disservice so I lucked out by missing the weekly showing and read other books to kinda bury the re-read deep.

That let me enjoy the show more – erode the silly expectations or some of my more fanciful imagination — and allow myself to ride the dramatic beats better. Give the show a fair shot and shut up my inner critic.

Most of the complaints I’ve read elsewhere are valid (too much time spent on prostitutes — who the hell is Ros? — or not enough focus on battles or the awesome Vale castle — budget problems?) but at the same time I grew to like the acting, the small changes (Shae is a hell lot more blunt and strong-minded than I remember) and i felt the show found its footing as the episodes rolled on.

The final scene worked well – I felt this was the most important cliffhanger – and I’m grateful the show succeeded as an adaptation. It wasn’t perfect, no doubt, but I’m glad it was a great viewing experience all around.

What they did right:

  • art direction was near perfect.
  • Peter Dinklage killed as Tyrion.
  • Intrigue was preserved rather well. This is the strength of the series. This alone saves the adaptation from any lapse of judgment in directing or casting.

What they did wrong:

  • not enough time demonstrating Daenerys’ growth. They skipped too many points and ended up with a contrived heroine.
  • Where were the motherfucking battles? All that buildup between house Lannister & Stark was wasted. Gregor Cleagane goes on a killing spree entirely off-screen. Budgetary reasons is the culprit but come on. More gore, less tits & asses. Too lazy, HBO!
  • Crappy casting between Rickon and Bran. They seemed twins except one was muddy and the other seemed to enjoy riding people a lot.

Regardless of the criticisms, I feel the creators did a good job their first time around. A show this terrific will learn from the mistakes and tighten up the scripts, add better talent as it goes forward. I look forward to the next season! :cheers:

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2 thoughts on “Game of Thrones series review”

  1. Many of my friends have lauded this show as being the next big thing. I personally haven't, and don't think I will any time soon, but their recommendations, and yours, are forcing me to consider this show.

  2. I am of two minds here: either you should read the book by George Martin and enjoy the show afterwards — because at times I think it was a rush job that tried to compress a massive story into 10 episodes. If you can read at the average speed of an american reader (40 pages per hour) then you can finish 400 pages in less than 10 hours — the length of the series.

    On the other hand the show's creators did a great job in highlighting the most important moments.

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