Everybody is a philosopher!

Many people are quick to declare that because we all have our own philosophy of life, because we choose to think, therefore, we are all philosophers. However… the sad & ugly truth is that most people do not really think far enough, deeply or study carefully. They arrive at conclusions or convictions prematurely, without the aid of reasoning, and no reasoning can ever disturb such convictions. And all convictions degrade into dogmas, i.e., dead-weight of thought. As a result most people are crippled before they ever scale the heights or descend to the depths of philosophical thoughts. rolling eyes

While Kierkegaard is correct that philosophy without dogma is to knit a string without a knot, he was more right than he knew. To philosophize with dogmas is to not philosophize at all.

Some say that dogmas come from philosophizing.

Here, I suspect only dogmas produce one liners. After all, fanaticism is a prerequisite for conversation-ending statements. A visit to the local dive will show why a great conversation always involves either a dilettante or a sophist — never a dyed-in-the-wool fundamentalist choking on his words, assassinating all attempts at humane chatter and clearing the room of anything north of solipsistic soliloquies. Then again I’m no philosopher– what do I know? smiling face

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