New Seven Deadly Vices: Boredom

Bored? by Urko Dorronsoro

There are two aspects of boredom: Kurzeweile (short while) and Langeweile (long while).

Langeweile is the condition of modernity and one isn’t held accountable for being born in a certain epoch. However kurzeweile is a response to a short stretch of time where nothing happens.

Only an insensitive & uncreative clod is incapable of getting over the default sentiment of modernity, much less attempt the challenge of learning new skills or dedicate to a project. Only the dull or lazy always expects entertainment and yet is incapable of entertaining others.

Example: 23-year-old Isaac Newton was stuck at home in Woolsthorpe for 20 months during the height of plagues in London. Instead of complaining about boredom he studied on his own, with perseverance & rigor he came up with modern mathematics, mechanics, & optics. Those who search for the quick & easy will always see boredom as an enemy, and run off into the safety of petty distractions. Respect boredom, endure the hours of practice, drudgery, and the fruits will be the mastery of craft as well as yourself.

Boredom is universal but that is no excuse for being either bored or a bore. Life us far too rich to be boring in itself. One must develop a creative perspective and have the vision to look past the daily tedium, reinterpret the available material for any purpose: at least something useful, and at best, art.

A real snoozer.

This blog might be boring, but boredom itself is not boring. In fact, it is quite fascinating!

“Is not life a hundred times too short to bore ourselves?” — Nietzsche

#1. Ignorance

#2. Seriousness

#3. Mediocrity

#4. Prudery

#5. Humility

#6. Self-Deception

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