Some reproaches praise; some praises reproach.

Suspicion by Tim Ernst

The typically suspicious claims of the cynic or conspiracy theorist only expose his rotten perspective of human nature. I was once told that even the act of thanks is suspect, for all gratitude is conditioned propaganda. If that is the case then nobody deserves thanks, because merit is impossible to determine, given the ugly taint of self-serving motives. It depends whether being publicly grateful is suspect because all praise is necessarily suspect.  Continue reading Some reproaches praise; some praises reproach.

Popular “deafie” rebuttal: that’s just your opinion!

Opinion on Red Button Enter on Black Computer Keyboard.

Dontcha hate it whenever you present your thoughts with airtight reasoning or impeccable proof that something is or ought to be the case, the reason why something is going on or the reason why things must change, and then your meticulous demonstration is damned with the faint praise that it is merely just “yer opinion?”

Yes, it just happened. Continue reading Popular “deafie” rebuttal: that’s just your opinion!

Les Liaisons Dangereuses


“…keeps the suspense mounting and the pages turning..”

“…delicious witty and gossipy…”

Alas – any of these blurbs still would sell this novel short, for it has all the virtues of your garden variety bestseller du jour – gripping plot, memorable characters, unconventional ending – and far more. Continue reading Les Liaisons Dangereuses