New blog you should be reading

My colleague Paul Newall has launched a brand new blog called “The Kindly Ones.” I’ve been friends with this fella on the internet ever since we met at the old Internet Infidels at the We’ve had many classic wars with quite a number of Internet Personalities on a number of forums, and these days, we’ve migrated to blogging.
His specialty is philosophy of science and historiography and rugby, and shortly I’ll be blogging on his latest topic, Philosophy as remedy.

Carnap and objectivity in science

Rudolf Carnap

In the Logische Aufbau der Welt, Rudolf Carnap was concerned with the objectivity of science, and how his rational reconstruction, could successfully explain why science is objective, despite starting with an autopsychological basis. In section 66, Carnap raises the challenge his system must solve: How can science consist of “intersubjective valid assertions,” (Logische, p. 106) when all physical objects are constructed from subjective experience? Continue reading Carnap and objectivity in science