Master Vice: Hypocrisy

In this blog I will analyze how hypocrisy is a master vice that includes three of the new seven deadly vices – humility, self-deception and prudery.

Hypocrisy is the respect vice pays virtue. – La Rochefoucauld

Hypocrisy is essentially an action where one pretends to hold clear and recognized set of values or attitudes but actually doesn’t. Despite choosing vice, the hypocrite understands that virtue is superior and assumes its facade. Therefore, the hypocrite is not being dishonest about good or evil, but rather himself. Continue reading

Master Vice: Intolerance

Intolerance by Phil Mulloy (2000)

The original seven deadly vices had two subdivisions: spiritual (pride, envy, wrath) and corporal (sloth, greed, gluttony and lust). After listing the new seven deadly vices, I began to reconsider them as a whole and realized that they should reflect some fundamental opposites or antitheses. I decided on two master vices: Intolerance and Hypocrisy. In a sense, intolerance is opposed to hypocrisy because the intolerant rejects external difference, while the hypocrite denies or conceals one’s own difference. Continue reading

New Seven Deadly Vices: Boredom

Bored? by Urko Dorronsoro

There are two aspects of boredom: Kurzeweile (short while) and Langeweile (long while).

Langeweile is the condition of modernity and one isn’t held accountable for being born in a certain epoch. However kurzeweile is a response to a short stretch of time where nothing happens. Continue reading

New Seven Deadly Vices: Self-Deception


Masks of deception

“We are so accustomed to disguise ourselves from other people that in the end we disguise ourselves from ourselves.” La Rochefoucauld

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New Seven Deadly Vices: Humility

created by Brett & Tammy Prang

Humility is often just a feigned submissiveness employed to dominate others. It is a stratagem of pride, which lowers itself that it may raise itself; and though pride wears a thousand masks, it is never better disguised than when it wears the mask of humility itself. — La Rochefoucauld Continue reading

New Seven Deadly Vices: Prudery

“Prudery is a kind of avarice — the worst of them all.” – Stendhal

More than just the enemy of sexual pleasure, the prude is the anti-hedonist, the fundamentalist who takes certain moral values as absolute in themselves — a self-styled champion of propriety who cannot and will not accept basic truths of human nature. Continue reading

New Seven Deadly Vices: Mediocrity


One of the laziest things in life is copying something or being a copy of an original. Continue reading

New Seven Deadly Vices: Seriousness

Why, indeed?

In other words: Earnest. Sincere. Pompous. Grave. Boring. Complacent. Smug. Self-righteous. Continue reading

New Seven Deadly Vices: Ignorance

I thought it would be illuminating to list the vices that were, in my book, much worse than the traditional seven deadly sins. They are the result of a perspective fueled by the vicissitudes of postmodern culture – one that absorbs and progresses past the traditions of Christianity and the tenets of modernity.


by Bill Watterson