Reusing Design Knowledge

Reusing Design Knowledge

Author: Saeema Ahmed and Ken Wallace

Abstract: The long-term aim of this research is to develop a method of indexing design knowledge that is intuitive to engineering designers and therefore assists the designers to retrieve relevant information. This paper describes the development and preliminary evaluation of a method of indexing design knowledge. The concepts for the method have been elicited from designers' descriptions of the design process. The method has been evaluated by indexing 92 reports related to one particular aero-engine

Prior to the interviews, it was hypothesized that how designer describe their processes of designing can be classified in four ways:

  1. the process itself, i.e. a description of the different tasks at each stage of the design process
  2. the physical product to be produced, i.e. the product, components, sub-assemblies and assemblies
  3. the functions that must be fulfilled by a particular component or assembly
  4. the issues whilst carrying out the design process there are several considerations the designer must make whilst designing, i.e. issues


6.5 Key Conclusions

The evaluation of the functions taxonomy suggested a need to combine the function taxonomy with a product and issues taxonomy to avoid loss of information.

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