Pantheon chapter 3, page 1

Sporadically bursting forth, the floating city crowds maliciously, invading Kaeli’s perspective in a series of quasi-discrete snapshots that capture pastiches of reality, a continual flux – each contradicts the next, yet retain an underlying shimmer of dynamic energy… a chaosmos … the horizon of all horizons, the a priori of all a prioris, what Joyce called a cosmos β€œat the verge of chaos,” on the brink of an explosion towards non-existence, wavering on the razor’s edge of the abyss…


On writing: own the process

Last Sunday, the writers’ club meeting started in identical fashion to the previous one: I arrived first, despite the best efforts of heavy rain and clusterfucked traffic, as well as being 30 miles away. I persuaded the hostess of Fred 62 that the rest of the party was “parking” so she sequestered me at a table in the back, serviced by a winsome waitress in racy stockings. After a few testy exchanges via iPhone, the rest of the gang arrived: Erik & then Bob bringing up the rear. We cut through the fat and through the breakfast dishes like nothing before we got to the meat of the meeting. Continue reading On writing: own the process

Gallery debut show

Last friday night, January 14th, I had ten of my graphic novel pages exhibited at Gallery Godo in Glendale. The reception went above and beyond my expectations. My family was bursting with pride and joy, and many friends and people from the community attended. The other artists were equally talented in different media. The graphic novel pages were appropriately placed in a row in the hall between the rooms. The narrow hall actually forces the viewer to step closer to observe the intricate detailed work. However, that meant my adoring crowd couldn’t really cluster around the artwork and chat! So many showed up that made others think it was a deaf night or something. Pictures after the jump: Continue reading Gallery debut show

Warrior goddess sketch

I tried a new pose because the original wasn’t working. The context is a powerful warrior goddess as envisioned by mortals.

Edited to add:
I was looking at my blog’s stats and saw that someone found it with the search string “warrior goddess.”

So I googled that up to see where my blog ranked and found a blog by Medusa coils complaining about the warrior goddess fetish as if war gods were fitted in a skirt.

So I posted the following comment there:

Sorry for posting this so late, but I believe there’s a general misconception about “warrior goddess” as if there was only one type of a war god to emulate.

In the mythology of Ancient Greece the cleverest immortal was the goddess Metis. Zeus was worried about her outsmarting them all so he married her, only to swallow her whole and absorb her wisdom in the process.

But Metis was already pregnant with Athena at the time, and she was born from his head. Like her parents she was as crafty as Metis and had the warlike nature of Zeus.

However, this mix meant she was the goddess of strategic warfare according to the Greeks, and her favorite mortal was the clever Odysseus.

Ares is the classical war god in its direct and brutal aspect. The Greeks hated Ares and worshipped Athena instead, because she fought with intellect and subtlety.It is not the violence or brutality or the waste of lives/resources, but the rationality and pragmatism that demands us to win wars without bloodshed.

Ares is always depicted as easily misled. The wisdom of Athena turns the violence and aggression of classic male type A against them and use brutality as the cause of their downfall. Athena was always a step ahead by making her moves indirect.

Thus the goddess of war was equal parts philosophy & war, wisdom and battle.

Philosophy of the Gods, part II

(For part one, go here)


Mamacocha and Isis, by Awet Moges

Their immortal hearts have been seared and hardened by an insurmountable evil that makes them immune to all fantasies & hallucinations of gods who still believe in ideals. Elder gods reject Cartaphilus, that dangerous prophet, and the most audacious thinker of delirious times.

The elder gods are typically radical skeptics & lovers of doubt. Instead of an impetuous glorification of life, these elders have a disillusioned outlook that considers themselves to be superior skeptics and exorcists of all certainty & conviction. Their observations are fueled with the abysmal mechanisms of doubt – an antiseptic that pacifies the spirit and detaches it from any vital stakes. Continue reading Philosophy of the Gods, part II