NFL week 10 picks

At least 4 games are worth watching this week. I was 6-6 last week, which brings my total to a grand 51 to 31. After suffering through an upset-filled weekend, I’m ready to restore order and see the contenders separate themselves from the chaff.
Game of the games of the week
Patriots @ Steelers

They’re the two top teams in the NFL, and the result will determine the rest of the season. Patriots are consistent with Brady and their #2 scoring offense. Pittsburg is stingy on pass defense so it’ll be exciting. Steelers are actually #1 in offense and #1 in rushing yards allowed. Steelers by 6  Continue reading NFL week 10 picks

NFL week 9 picks

I went 7-5 last week, which brings me to a grand total of 45 – 25. That takes me down to a measly 64%. Ay caramba!
Game of the week
Colts @ Eagles

Colts need to separate from the others in their division. Eagles needs this game for credibility and catch the Giants. Despite being riddled with injuries allover the roster, the Colts keep on chugging, thanks to Manning. The Eagles don’t have enough on D to stop this well-oiled machine, and Manning will pick them apart without breaking a sweat. On the other hand, the Eagles’ offense is nearly as explosive as the Colts, and with Vick coming back, he can supply the running dimension to take advantage of the Colts’ D weakness. Manning pulls another one out of the fire in a shootout. Colts by 7 Continue reading NFL week 9 picks

NFL week 8 picks

It’s that time of the week, and it’s high-time for some NFL picks courtesy of everybody’s favorite Heretic!  Last week I was 8-4, a step up from the embarrassment of the previous week. 38-20 isn’t too bad, though, but I expect at least 70%.

Game of the Week
Steelers @ Saints

The Steelers are now at full strength, with Roethlisberger back. The Saints, however, aren’t, with their running backs injured. Given last week’s horrible meltdown, Drew Brees should be extra motivated to bounce back, but the Steelers are the most complete team in the league right now. Steelers by 3 Continue reading NFL week 8 picks

NFL week 7 picks

Finished 6-5 last week. Weak. Now I’m 30-16 on the year. Better step it up this week!
Must see:
Eagles @ Titans
Both teams are coming off excellent victories last week, and this should be a great match-up between two teams with two solid options at QB each. Titans MUST stop the eagles’ passing game in order to win. Lucky for them, playmaker DeSean Jackson is out with a bruised noggin. Since Kolb is playing, Titans won’t have to sacrifice a DB to spy the QB for scrambling out of the pocket. Chris Johnson is finally getting back on track and the Eagles may not be able to stop him. Titans in a shootout.

Vikings @ Packers
The Favre Bowl, part III is headlined by a pair of underachieving teams. The Vikings haven’t found their 2009 magic, and the Packers keep getting injured and penalzing themselves. Sack artist LB Matthews is back, but Moss has a couple of weeks under his belt catching passes from Favre. Add the Packers’ 21st defense against the pass, and that spells a Viking victory.

Bob’s and Nick’s special
Skins @ Bears
Both are coming off tough losses last week. The Bears need to stop the newfound Skins running game in Tourain, but their defense is really struggling, especially vs the pass, and they can’t protect Cutler. Skins need to feed Tourain and get after Culter. Skins by 7

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