NFL week 6 picks

I’ll be blogging my NFL picks from now on. I already posted my picks for week 3 (here), week 4 (here) & 5 (here). I’m currently 24-11
Games of the week
Ravens @ Patriots

Moss is gone, so who’s gonna catch those 50 yard bombs from Brady? All they have are untested, unproven talent, and it’s not a good time to start experimenting against the ferocious Ravens defense. In fact, the Ravens have been poor on run defense, but the Patriots don’t have anyone in their backfield worth mentioning. Ray Rice is healthy, and Flacco is maturing by the week. Ravens by 3.

Falcons @ Eagles
The eagles have a horrible offensive line, no matter who’s the QB. Thus, Kolb is a poor fit for this team, cuz he’s a stationary statue back there, whereas Vick’s mobility will make his line look good. the Falcons had trouble scoring on the Browns, who are themselves no world-beaters, so that bodes ill for Ryan. He needs to get in sync with the running game to have a shot at Philadelphia. Assuming Vick plays against his old team, Eagles by 3.

Colts @ Skins
Skins barely survived last week (their luck turned when Matthews pulled his hammy) but they have a strong O-line, 2 good runners and a competent QB in McNabb. This game depends on whether Shanahan comes up with a strong defensive strategy to confuse Manning. If not, it will be a blowout loss. Colts escaped KC with a win, and Manning looked human. But he is still the god of the team, and he should bounce back with a victory.

Toilet Bowl
Cowboys @ Vikings

An embarrassing overrated match-up between 1-3 teams embarrassed of their play. That should teach us not to talk up Super-bowl expectations for any team until after the 1st month. At least this shuts up Jerry Jones for good, until next year. The Cowboys, oddly enough, are potent on offense (lead the league in almost every category), except the endzone makes them impotent. Plus their defense hasn’t done anything worth diddly-poo. All that talent, what a waste. The Vikings on the other hand, are a far cry from last year’s nearly invincible team, just because Favre simply doesn’t have it. Moss isn’t the answer. Since the Cowboys are coming off a bye week, and the Vikings have a short week, off that draining match vs the Jets, i’m going with the Boys. But call this a vote of NO CONFIDENCE.

Somewhat interesting
Hawks @ Bears

Wow, Collins sucked last week. Lucky the Bears had Forte to carry the offense in their win over the Panthers. Hawks have the best run defense, but that’s cuz they’re so easy to pass on, and Cutler’s back in the line-up. Bears win by 2 TDs.

Dolphins @ Packers

The Packers are banged up: Matthews has a bad hammy, and when he left the game vs Washington, the redskins came back to win the game. McNabb was under control until Matthews limped off. Now, the Dolphins are coming off a bye week, with fresh legs and a strong running game. Woodson is a solid cornerback, but he can’t shut down Brandon Marshall, who just might be the strongest WR in the league. Fish by a TD.

Saints @ Buccanneers
When the Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees throws 3 picks in a game, against a lowly team like the Cardinals, either you’re crappy at Madden or the Saints are suffering a Super Bowl hangover. The truth is, the Saints’ defense didn’t give up a touchdown to the Cards. Brees and his WRs aren’t clicking, and they need to figure it out before the youthful Buccaneers start growing up. They did beat the rapidly declining Bengals last week, by forcing turnovers, but they didn’t really pressure the QB. Thus, it’s hard to pick them against an angry Saints team. Saints by 10.

Lions @ Giants
Just when it seemed like the last days of Coughlin, the Giants wake up on defense and smother two quality quarterbacks in a row in Culter and Schaub. Eli Manning is rediscovering his game, and the running back combo Bradshaw and Jacob are slowly beginning to dominate. Yes, the Lions blew out the hapless Rams last week, but that was more about St. Louis’ suckitude than anything. Giants by 17.

Jets @ Broncos
Although the Gang green won last night, their defense seemed to wear down late in the 4th, when the Vikings went to their hurry-up. Now since they’re going up against one of the best home-field advantages in football, at Denver, and on a cross country trip, on a short week, facing against a QB in Orton who shredded the Ravens’ D. That could spell an upset, but the Broncos still don’t have a running game to keep the Jets’ D guessing. Jets by a squeaker.

Change the channel
Bolts @ Rams
Rams still suck. Rivers, coming off an embarrassing loss to the Raiders, should have 300 yards passing by halftime. The Chargers are still a solid team, even though their special teams is horrible. If they manage to choke this game too, coach Turner should be fired on the spot and forced to pay for air fare back home. Bolts by 2 TDs or more.

Browns @ Steelers
Luckily, Rothsliberger is off suspension and is playing against an easy team in the Browns. Their passing attack is laughable, and their running game is even worse. ON top of that, the Steelers have the best defense in the league? No doubt the Steelers win by 3 or 4 TDs.

Raiders @ 49ers
Despite the comeback that wasn’t last week vs the Eagles, Smith is now playing for his job. The Raiders aren’t the laughingstock of the league anymore, not with a rejuvenated Campbell at QB, and a decent ground game with McFadden & Michael Bush. Their special teams is also going gangbusters (2 blocked punts last week). If the Raiders are still basking in the afterglow of their upset over the Bolts, the Niners can steal this. But i’m going with the Raiders for once. Oakland by 7

Titans @ Jaguars
Titans are team Jekyll & Hyde. Jags will upset them by 3

Chiefs @ Texans
Both teams are decent, but only Chiefs have the good D. Chiefs by 6

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