NFL week 7 picks

Finished 6-5 last week. Weak. Now I’m 30-16 on the year. Better step it up this week!
Must see:
Eagles @ Titans
Both teams are coming off excellent victories last week, and this should be a great match-up between two teams with two solid options at QB each. Titans MUST stop the eagles’ passing game in order to win. Lucky for them, playmaker DeSean Jackson is out with a bruised noggin. Since Kolb is playing, Titans won’t have to sacrifice a DB to spy the QB for scrambling out of the pocket. Chris Johnson is finally getting back on track and the Eagles may not be able to stop him. Titans in a shootout.

Vikings @ Packers
The Favre Bowl, part III is headlined by a pair of underachieving teams. The Vikings haven’t found their 2009 magic, and the Packers keep getting injured and penalzing themselves. Sack artist LB Matthews is back, but Moss has a couple of weeks under his belt catching passes from Favre. Add the Packers’ 21st defense against the pass, and that spells a Viking victory.

Bob’s and Nick’s special
Skins @ Bears
Both are coming off tough losses last week. The Bears need to stop the newfound Skins running game in Tourain, but their defense is really struggling, especially vs the pass, and they can’t protect Cutler. Skins need to feed Tourain and get after Culter. Skins by 7

 If nothing else is on:

Steelers @ Dolphins
The Steelers must be ecstatic that their QB Rothlisberger is back, tho he’s facing a tougher test in the Dolphins. But the Dolphins haven’t stepped up their game vs the quality teams in recent weeks (Patriots) and I don’t see anyone upsetting the Steel Curtain for a good while. Steelers by 6

Pats @ Chargers
The Patriots seem to be their old selves on offense, now that WR Brown is back from purgatory (Seahawks), freeing Brady to spread the ball around like the old Superbowl Patriots. the SD Chargers seem to keep shooting themselves in the foot, with the GM’s bungling of the holdouts and Coach Turner unable to devise a winning game plan, and Rivers incapable of inspiring his short-handed team to wins. Pats by 10


Giants @ Cowboys

Giants are now on a roll, and they face the suddenly slumping Cowboys at a perfect time. All they have to do is blitz Romo relentlessly with Omenyuria and Tuck, & take advantage of the boys’ aging OL. If the cowboys manage to protect Romo, and actually establish the run, then they can steal one. But i suspect their problems are with the coaching staff (failure to take advantage of Vikings’ CBs last week, constant penalties). Giants by 3

Panthers @ 49ers
Did beating the hapless bay rivals Raiders save coach Singletary’s job, as well as Alex Smith’s? The Panthers are still playing QB roulette with Matt Moore & Jimmy Clausen. Moore wins this week, but matters not. Both teams will flip a coin to decide who blows the game last. Pick em.

browns @ Saints
On paper, this looks like a lopsided mismatch, but McCoy wasn’t too bad last week vs the #1 defense in the NFL. Poised, and got better as the game went on. The Browns may have found their QB for the future. Unfortunately, they’re facing the #2 defense in the league in the Saints, who may have rediscovered their mojo in their steamrolling of the Bucs last week. It’s a lock. Saints by 10

Bengals @ Falcons

Altho the bengals are rested off a bye, the Falcons must be pissed for losing a close one to the Eagles. Despite the firepower at WR, the Bengals seem unable to get their passing game going. Palmer has lost his fastball. Plus their defense has hardly made opposing QB sweat this year. If they can’t get to QB Matt Ryan, the Falcons will wear them down. Falcons by 7

Bills @ Ravens
Ravens are spitting mad about that OT loss to the Patriots, and they’re looking for someone to take it out on. The Bills have nothing left except pride. Too bad pride wins you crap in the NFL. Ravens by 13

Chiefs @ Jaguars

Chiefs looking for redemption after 2 losses. QB Cassel is flourishing under coach Weiss, and the KC defense under Crennel is getting better week by week. The Jags on the other hand, lost both of their QBs last monday, so they’re down to their third string. Murice Jones Drew won’t be enough against a complete team on the rise in KC Chiefs. KC by 10

Rams @ Bucs
Bucs are still a solid team, since their losses came at the hands of the superbowl champs Saints and this year’s favorite, the Steelers. The Rams are amazingly 3-3, thanks to Sam Bradford proving himself to be the team’s franchise QB. the great RB Stephen Jackson should flourish, now that his team has a solid option to loosen up those 8-men fronts. Bucs are solid, but the Rams are rising fast. Rams by 6

Cards @ Seahawks

Surprise, surprise. The Cards are 1st in the NFC West, despite major suckitude (being outscored by 50 points total). Max Hall will surprise many as the new QB of the Cards with his fearless poise in the pocket. The Hawks won’t know what hit them. Cards by 3

Raiders @ Broncos
Despite tossing for 2k yards so far, QB Orton isn’t enough for the 2-4 Broncos. They still need a running game. At least they’re facing a worse team in the Raiders who don’t even have a decent QB. Neither do they have any pass defense. Expect Tebow at the goalline. Broncos by 13

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