NFL week 9 picks

I went 7-5 last week, which brings me to a grand total of 45 – 25. That takes me down to a measly 64%. Ay caramba!
Game of the week
Colts @ Eagles

Colts need to separate from the others in their division. Eagles needs this game for credibility and catch the Giants. Despite being riddled with injuries allover the roster, the Colts keep on chugging, thanks to Manning. The Eagles don’t have enough on D to stop this well-oiled machine, and Manning will pick them apart without breaking a sweat. On the other hand, the Eagles’ offense is nearly as explosive as the Colts, and with Vick coming back, he can supply the running dimension to take advantage of the Colts’ D weakness. Manning pulls another one out of the fire in a shootout. Colts by 7

Solid match-ups
Dolphins @ Ravens

Both teams are behind division leaders and need wins to keep apace. The Ravens are the stronger team with the more explosive offense behind QB Flacco and RB Rice and WR Boldin. But their defense, oddly enough, is less than advertised. The Dolphins may not have as many playmakers outside of WR Marshall, but they keep scores close enough to steal them in the end. Their defense is actually better than the Ravens. But this is where the Dolphins’ odd streak of victories on the road ends. Ravens by 6

Bucs @ Falcons
They’re battling for 1st place in the NFC south. Falcons have far more weapons than the Bucs, and their defense is reliable. Since the Bucs haven’t beaten anyone worthy so far, I expect QB Matt Ryan to destroy the Bucs’ coverage while RB Turner feasts on their front 7. The Bucs have a capable QB in Freeman, and a defense that gets better every week. But the Falcons are for real. Dirty birds by 7

Giants @ Seahawks
Giants are in a tight division and need this game more than the Seahawks, given their creampuff division. Seahawks haven’t lost at home this year, and the Giants are flying cross-country. recipe for disaster for the Jints. On a neutral field, the Giants should destroy the Seahawks, cuz their offense clearly can overpower the hawks’ D, and the Hawks’ OL can’t slow down Big Blue’s pass-rush. But i’ve a feeling the Hawks are lying in the grass in wait for the Giants to stumble. Hawks by 3.

Chiefs @ Raiders
AFC west is up for grabs. On the road, the Chiefs are not as powerful as they are at home. Moreover the Raiders D is invoking their legendary ferocity from the past, and their running game is probably the best in the league. However, the Chiefs have their own version of smash-mouth football as well, and they can grind out wins much better than the Raiders can. I like QB Cassell on the road vs Campbell. KC by 3

If nothing else is on
Jets @ Lions

Jets are by far the superior team, and should be spitting mad after last week’s gag-job vs the Packers. But the Lions are improving every week and they have a shot at beating the Jets. Lions upset Gang green.

Bolts @ Texans

SD need to continue winning to keep playoffs hopes alive, and the Texans need to recover from their pasting last monday. Chargers have one of the strongest passing attack in the league, and that spells trouble for the beleaguered Texans’ defense. The Texans do have enough firepower to keep up with the Bolts. As long they remember to feed their RB Foster, they can keep the Chargers’ defense honest. Texans escape with a win over the Bolts.

Steelers @ Bengals
Both teams are trying to keep playoffs hopes alive: steelers need to keep up with the Ravens and the Bengals are only 1 game behind them. Bengals have no problem putting points on board, and if they’re ready on Sunday, they can upset the Steelers. But the Steelers’ defense is the most feared in the league, and the offense is about to find a rhythm with Rothlisberger. Against the diminished Bengals’ defense, the Steelers should run amok. Steelers by 7.

Go for a walk
Bears @ Bills

despite being winless, Bills are improving, and recently they’re still in the game in the 4th quarter. Fitzpatrick can throw the ball. It’s their defense that’s the problem. If they can take advantage of Culter’s errant throws, then there’s a chance for an upset. Bears on the other hand, have the edge in everything (talent, coaching, etc) so they should escape with a win.

Cards @ Vikings
Vikings are now longshots for the playoffs. But that doesn’t mean they will lose to the Cards, cuz they still have one of the best offenses in the NFL with Peterson and one of the more sturdy defenses. Since the Cards’ offense has no teeth, the Vikes should win by 10.

Pats @ Browns

The Patriots have gone back to their old identity on offense (balance and clutch) but their defense is still nowhere near their heyday. The Browns are no strangers to upsets (Saints, Bengals) but the Patriots are too well-coached to suffer a let down or look past them.

Saints @ Panthers

Saints can’t relax because they need to keep up with their division and build momentum for the playoffs. Carolina has a strong running game, which is exactly what the Saints are vulnerable against. But expect the Saints to take advantage of the horrible Panthers’ D, and win in a blow-out.

Cowboys @ Packers
all the cowboys can do is play spoiler, but i doubt they have any confidence left in themselves or their coach. The packers are still banged up and they still haven’t rediscovered their 2009 magic. Cowboys’ offense still can put points on the board, so there’s a shot for an upset. But the Cowboys’ defense has ranged from terrible to embarrassing this year. Packers by 10.

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