NFL week 15 picks

With 3 weeks left, it’s all about the playoffs: clinching a spot or fighting for a favorable seed. 23 teams are still alive! The Pats are the only one so far officially in. about 4 games qualify for the “Game of the week” honors, so it should be a great weekend! Hopefully I’ll improve on last week’s crappy 8-6 result.

Games of the week
1. Jaguars @ Colts

This game will determine the difference between a division title and a shot at a wild card. The Colts seem to be back after last week’s win over the Titans, but then again, it was the hapless, rudderless, imploding, Moss-infected Titans so we shouldn’t read too much into it. Manning is getting back some of his weapons in RB Addai and WR Collie and the Colts have extra time to prepare. As for the Jags, they’re on a roll, and after last week’s win over the Raiders, you have to tip your hat to hard-charging RB Jones-Drew. Jags always play the Colts tight (check recent history, it’s always 3 points or less). However, it’s next to impossible to count out Manning when he smells the playoffs and they’re back at home. Colts by 3

2. Eagles @ Giants
This game will decide the NFC East. Philly has a psychological edge after beating them a couple of weeks ago. But they lost rookie LB Graham, and thus their pass rush is weaker. The book on the Giants is to pressure QB Eli into difficult throws on the move. Luckily the Eagles still have all their weapons on offense, and their chief speed threats (WR Jackson, RB McCoy, Vick) can take it to the house anytime. QB Manning has one of the most potent running games in the league to fall back on. Yet he’s been making dumb throws lately. Moreover, i feel Vick is on a mission this year. Eagles by 1

3. Saints @ Ravens
The Saints have regained their 2009 mojo, with returning players, while the Ravens have lost some shine off their star. The once-legendary Ravens D has let teams back in the game too often this year (see Monday night vs Texans & last week vs Steelers). Neither team can afford blowing this game, for that could cost a wild card spot. Normally I would go with Baltimore at home, but they’re no longer as ferocious on defense. Saints by 3

4. Jets @ Steelers
After gagging the past 3 weeks, the NY Jets are on the verge of the greatest collapse in NFL history. The Steelers are going to take complete advantage, because their defense will not show any mercy and unleash SS Pomalau on a now-shaky QB Sanchez, and that’ll be enough for Ryan to give him the hook. Steelers by 10

(A possible 5th candidate)
Packers @ Patriots
Too bad for the Packers that Rodgers may not be able to go this weekend after sustaining a concussion vs the Lions last sunday. Even if he did, the Packers would just end up the latest Pats road kill regardless. They will score, but the Patriots are on a mission to redeem unfinished business from 2007. If Rodgers starts, its Pats by 7. If he’s benched, Pats by 30.

Bob & Awet Game of the Week
Skins @ Cowboys

The Redskins are running out of ways of blowing games: the FG holder developed butterfingers at the worst time last week on a simple PAT. The Cowboys have rediscovered themselves under Coach Garrett and will not show the fumbling Redskins any mercy. Cowboys by 14

Hardcore only need apply
49ers @ Chargers

The niners absolutely annihilated the Seahawks, and that might’ve saved QB Alex Smith’s job. The Chargers also redeemed themselves by annihilating the Cassel-less Chiefs and are back in the thick of things. The 49ers will soon realize the enormous difference between beating up a weak sister and a playoff-bound AFC contender. Chargers by 13

Chiefs @ Rams
The Chiefs absolutely must have Cassel back in the line-up, given the utter ignominy last week vs the Chargers. But it’s unlikely that Cassel will be his old accurate, reliable self so soon after his appendectomy. The Rams OTOH are solid with QB Bradford, and they will take advantage of the Chiefs’ vulnerability away from Arrowhead and QB uncertainty. Rams by 4

Bills @ Dolphins
The Bills managed to upset another weak team last week, but they’re facing a more talented team in the Dolphins. The fish has had trouble winning at home all year, but they’re still in the race for the playoffs. The Bills should grasp the big picture that with every win they’re further away from a shot at the ultimate prize of the draft, QB Luck. Dolphins take it in a close one.

Falcons @ Hawks
The Atlanta Falcons have no holes anywhere. The Seahawks, however, need 2 entire college drafts to fill theirs. Falcons by 21

Broncos @ Raiders
The Broncos have completely fallen apart, and QB Orton suddenly forgot how to throw the ball. Their defense needs to be completely revamped as well. The Raiders’ great RB McFadden will run to daylight all day long. Raiders by 24

Bears @ Vikings
We just saw the end of the career of the toughest QB ever. So long, Favre. Thanks for all the interceptions. The Bears however, will be delighted to see mistake prone QB Jackson instead, and will take out their frustrations after being beaten like a red-headed stepson by the Pats last week. Bears by 7

Time to find a new hobby
Texans @ Titans

Both teams are no longer playing for anything in the AFC South. Texans still have the better offense, and they don’t have the locker room problems plaguing the Titans (Coach Fisher suddenly on his way out after 15 solid years). Texans by 7

Buccaneers @ Lions
Bucs are still n the race, and they’re three times stronger versus teams below .500. Lions upset the Packers with a devious wrinkle on offense (move slot receiver to backfield) but they only scored 7 points. Should be entertaining nonetheless. Bucs by 10

Shitty games of the week

Browns @ Bengals
Browns QB Delhome rediscovered the art of the infamous TAINT last week. All is right with the world. Despite that, the Browns coach stubbornly refuses to bench him for a better alternative. QB Palmer has horribly regressed this year, but he’s overdue for a good game. My pick is predicated on whether the Browns start Delhome. If they do, Bengals break their 10 game slide. If not, then Browns ride RB Hillis to glory.

Cards @ Panthers
Both teams suck the pus out of diseased donkey balls. This game will determine who is the worst team of the league beyond all doubt. PICK

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