Pantheon chapter 3, page 1

Sporadically bursting forth, the floating city crowds maliciously, invading Kaeli’s perspective in a series of quasi-discrete snapshots that capture pastiches of reality, a continual flux – each contradicts the next, yet retain an underlying shimmer of dynamic energy… a chaosmos … the horizon of all horizons, the a priori of all a prioris, what Joyce called a cosmos β€œat the verge of chaos,” on the brink of an explosion towards non-existence, wavering on the razor’s edge of the abyss…


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...a philosophisticator who utters heresies, thinks theothanatologically and draws like Kirby on steroids.

4 thoughts on “Pantheon chapter 3, page 1”

    1. Thanks Erik! I should\’ve posted this months ago but I didn\’t go ahead and ink it till recently. Also I filtered the scan via GIMP and cartoon-ized the inks to further exaggerate them and isolate the pencils more, giving the overall scan the distinct look of a photocopy.

  1. From what I can see from the artwork, the story behind the Pantheon visual novel is sure to be an interesting one. I just have to wonder when the final product is going to be out. πŸ™‚

  2. Tomphile, right now I'm working on chapter 3, about halfway finished with the pencil/inks. There are 5 chapters in this first graphic novel and I intend to add text/borders via photoshop and have the first chapter printed in a limited run for a few supporters.

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