Why Buddhism is superior to Christianity

Buddha statue at Kamakura, Japan

Lately I have been distinguishing Buddhism from Christianity in my recent readings. Although, at bottom, both religions are nihilistic and decadent, I have realized Buddhism is a much healthier and more realistic view of life and philosophically superior.

Unlike the Christian, who is always teeter-tottering on a razor edge trying to avoid sin, the Buddhist’s main goal is to just reduce suffering itself. You can see how the Buddhist does not fall in to the same trap of self-deception as the Christian does, and on a philosophical level there is no black and white thinking that polarizes with good and evil, the moral presuppositions. Buddhism has already left them far behind, with the realization that they are all illusions, deceptions. In conclusion, the Buddhist is free, free from resentment and free from the obligation of preaching morality where she or he judge others.

The Buddhist succeed in the reduction of suffering by living a passive and non-urgent way life. He or she does not become angry or bitter, resentful, no matter how severe the crimes someone has committed against him or her. With a greater self-discipline the Buddhist is better prepared to control his or her desires and avoid exciting his or her senses, whereas the Christian, unfortunately, does the exact opposite by living an ascetic lifestyle that represses the natural desires and engages in prayer that maintains an emotionally charged relationship with his or her God. The Buddhist, by avoiding suffering, is capable of managing a steady peace, experience tranquillity, be calm, and express compassion in his lifestyle and character.

What most do not realize is that the Buddhist actually succeeds in the avoidance of suffering, while the Christian cannot and does not at all succeed avoiding sin. Sadly, the Christian is in perpetual need of “redemption” and “forgiveness,” and continually fails to acquire the “grace” of God, the only possible absolution.

Conclusion: the Buddhist is entirely capable of attaining his or her goals: an actual peace of mind and a tranquil life today.

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