New Seven Deadly Vices: Mediocrity


One of the laziest things in life is copying something or being a copy of an original. In this mass market age, the age of normality conditions us that Sticking Out is wrong, that being a deviant is dangerous, and we should fit in, try to follow the crowd, conform to the norms. Wear jeans. Drink Budweiser. “Be different” is just a tagline that demands loyalty to a brand name.

While it is true that by being a member of some group, you are exploring some aspect of your curiosity, being varied, and engage in some exaggerated self-dissection, you end up trading in your unique individuality for a slow slide towards inauthenticity, a leveling down towards the insensitivity of “us vs them” thinking.

To be banal, spout hackneyed clichés like play it safe, don’t rock the boat, and settle for derivative work ensure nothing but mediocrity – an inauthentic life. Once you accept this, your life is effectively irrelevant.

Neither society nor culture has the right to determine your role. Your identity awaits to be re-created anew — all on your terms.

One of life’s great pleasures is the new – the promise of something yet undiscovered. No great experience is possible without risk.

“…the secret for harvesting from existence the greatest fruitfulness and greatest enjoyment is — to live dangerously.” – Nietzsche

#1. Ignorance

#2. Seriousness

#4. Prudery

#5. Humility

#6. Self-Deception

#7. Boredom

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