Null and Void

Adam and Eve expelled from Paradise by Gustave Dore

The Hebrew scriptures detail the creation of human beings and their relationship with the Creator. The first people, Adam and Eve committed an indiscretion that cursed the entire species a life filled with toil, pain and sorrow. Not long after the first murder, the Creator experienced revulsion for his creation and decided to extinguish the entire botched experiment and wash it away. With Noah, the experiment starts over, but with similar results.

Job and his Friends by Gustave Dore

Then one day the experiment chose Job. What would happen if this person was subjected to a variety of torments? Would he denounce his God? A wager is made and the faithful Job is inflicted with extreme suffering: he loses his family, his possessions, wealth and his health. Job pleads with the Creator to explain his severe punishment. The response? Given man’s abject inferiority and utter insignificance, no explanation is really warranted.

Chapter 1: In the Beginning… There was Nothing.

Chapter 2: Ex Nihilo

Chapter 3: We Know Nothing.

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